General Dentistry

It is recommended to visit a dentist at least once or twice a year. This will ensure early diagnosis and timely treatment for tooth decay, gum disease, and severe dental diseases like oral cancer.

Oral Surgery

Removal of wisdom teeth, Implant surgery, Bonegrafts & Maxillary sinus lift surgery are commonly done at Alpha Dental.

For added accuracy & safety for our patients a 3 Dimensional scan (CBCT) may be taken.


Following improvements in cad-cam technology, straightening of teeth without braces through the use of clear aligners- Invisalign is now the preferred way to an aesthetic smile.

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    About Alpha

    We accompany you from your first visit to give you the best solution to resolve any dental problem or aesthetic advice to the completion of your treatments in assisting you in any other dental services.

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    Our Services

    From general dentistry to Invisalign and cosmetic surgery, we offer a comprehensive range of top quality general and specialist dental services. We embrace new technology for maximum comfort and fast recovery.

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    Alpha Dentists

    All the dentists of Alpha Dental Group are highly respected professionals, fully recognized and registered with the Ministry of Health in Singapore. Their experience is greatly appreciated by our clients.

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