Teeth Whitening


Alpha Dental Teeth Whitening mainly consists of two techniques:

Alpha In-Office Teeth Whitening
After isolating the teeth, a professional dental grade whitening agent is applied, and light energy is used to accelerate the whitening process. This process can take about an hour.

Alpha Home Teeth Whitening
Dental impressions are taken on the first visit to make whitening trays. The patient will return to the clinic 1 – 3 days later to collect the trays and whitening gel, during which time instructions will be given on the proper way to use the home whitening kit. At home, at his/her own convenience, the patient places an appropriate amount of whitening gel onto the tray and wears it for the recommended duration and frequency.

It is imperative to consult the dentist before teeth whitening procedures are performed, so as to assess the oral/dental condition and determine if whitening is suitable. The assessment includes a health and dental history (including allergies and sensitivities), hard and soft tissue observation, placement and conditions of restorations, detection of conditions, such as white-spot decalcifications and tetracycline staining, radiographic examinations, etc. Call us for a consultation now!

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